Refuge is a place of protection, comfort, and replenishment.  Most of us have our spots of refuge, whether it be a particular lake to fish on, a mall to shop in, a movie to watch, a restaurant to enjoy, or a game to play.  However, restoring these places and activities to our mental health can become a replacement for whom should be our true refuge.  Jesus knew that no matter how big the crowds got or how immense the struggle became, He needed to withdraw and find comfort in prayer.  Jesus made it a consistent behavior of retreating and finding refuge in forgotten places to pray and seek His Father.  May we not add another thing on our schedule or addition to our

to-do list, but find that prayer and fasting is a place of refuge.  Setting aside time to quiet our soul from the hustle and bustle of life and the pulling back only heightens our awareness of God's voice in our lives.

"It is he who finds God in his closet that will carry the savor of Him into his house, his shop, and his more open conversation."

                                                                    John Bunyan