Have you ever been blindsided in. an argument or activity?  You knew exactly how things were supposed to go, but in a turn of events, something shifts, and the outcome you were convinced would occur no long is the ending.  There is unsettledness and anxiety that quickly develops.  Soon you begin questioning why now, they them, how come, and a wide variety of existential questions that cannot be solved in one sitting.  Do you know that love is secret armor that defends against angst and apprehension of a surprise?  When we love others the way Christ loves us, we begin to see their humanity- not as a test to overcome, but as a point of prayer to commit to pray over them.  People will let us down.  Circumstances will not always go in our favor.  Life will happen.  But love conquers all.  So may you let the love of Christ protect you from that which you may encounter that you don't see.

"The best means of resisting the devil is to destroy whatever of the world remains in us, in order to raise for God, upon its ruins, a building all of love."         

                                                                                 John Wesley