King of the Hill was a game we often played on the floating pad at the lake or on the random mound of dirt in the backyard.  It may be better remembered when one thinks of the epic battle between Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Star Wars series.  Regardless of the premise, it is simple - she who holds the high ground has a better opportunity to fend off would-be attackers and maintain that position.  I wonder how many of us forget that God has the high ground.  He is not overwhelmed by our problems or circumstances because He sits above them and has the divine sight to overcome that which may be inflicting us.  Where we weaken in a moment of fear, wondering how God is going to be able to handle that person or meet that need because we have forgotten that He is greater than them all.  May we today have a lofty view of God.  He is more than able to empower us to overcome.  His grace is more than sufficient to provide us the favor.  His love sees what is best and greatest for us.  You stand with Him on the high ground! 

"The Lord, who overcame the devil and shows us the way to overcome him, commands us to watch."  Heinrich Bullinger