I live in a house full of women.  I don't say that as an indictment of them or request that you pray for me, I say it to enforce that I know what it means to be present in a re-telling of the day's events, present in watching something, or present in an intense discussion.  My ladies need me to be fully involved with what they are doing, not me mindlessly looking at my phone or reciting, 'yes' or 'no', or 'I don't know,' to appease their desire.  

I find that I love them best when I am home from work, fully engaged in what they want to discuss without looking at emails, answering texts, or going catatonic watching what I want to watch.  

Have you ever pondered how present you are with God?  That He actually desires your attention and wants to engage you in a riveting conversation?  Subconsciously you may know that He is there, but most times we treat Him as if He is out there - in ethereal - far away removed from our circumstances and situation, however, that could not be further from the truth.  

He yearns, wants, desires, and wishes to be with you.  He wants your presence and does not want you to be distracted by the shiny things of this life or feel the torture of the impression that you are alone.  Speak to Him today.  Engage with Him today.  

Be present.

"Your opening and His entering are but one moment."

                                                     Meister Eckhart