There is a truth to the old adage, "The night is darkest before sunrise."  The dark has an unsettled eeriness to it.  We cannot see what is in front of us.  The sounds surrounding us seem to brush our skin and are miles away at the same time.  Many times the test we are in, the trial we face, or the circumstance of our own making deepen the darkness of our soul.  We strain to see what is next.  We stumble around wondering when we are going to find our footing.  But let me remind you, the sunrise is coming!  

When we tell God of the things that are driving our anxiety to the max, we are exposing them to the light.  Presenting our requests before God allows us to fully see what is troubling our hearts and souls.  There is peace when we can see what is in front of us, even if the task is great.  When we tell Him every detail that has made our soul unsettled, it is like a little more of the sun rising to illuminate what God is doing in our midst.  So today, tell Him of the dark places of your life.  He will not be overwhelmed or shocked, but He will be a great counselor who will guide you, lead you, and love you so you can see!

"Let nothing disturb you;

Naught fright you ever;

All things are passing;

God changeth never.

Patience e'er conquers;

With God for your own

Thou nothing dost lack-

Hu sufficeth alone!

         Teresa of Avila