When Jesus explains to His followers how to pray in Matthew 6, the impression given is "in this way" not "with these words" which gives us a roadmap for how we should approach God in our prayers.  My youngest daughter is gifted in that no matter where we are or how close or far away we are in proximity to each other she will call out my name in deafening decibels.  She has no fear in a crowded theater or silent, still home, she projects with authority calling me to come see and find her.  On more than one occasion I have been startled into attention by her call, but never surprised to find it to be her speaking my name.  

Jesus tells us to call out to God as children would for their father.  He wants and is ready to hear from His kids on the issues on their minds, the needs of their day, and insight into their lives.  Jesus is reminding us that when praying, God is on our side, wanting to get involved, and here for all of it.  So today, approach God in prayer as you would a father.

"The Father of the universe cherishes affection toward those who have fled to Him...(He) aids and fights for them; and therefore He bestows on them the name of child."

                                                              Clement of Alexandria