Many times, when we approach God in prayer we already have the solution in mind.  We know the direction that He needs to take to bring the miracle that we so profoundly need at the moment.  However, Jesus calls us to profess that God's name is "hallowed."  Something hallowed is holy, perfect, revered, and sanctified.  This means God is forever greater than our problem and has a greater solution for our pain.  Therefore, Jesus is asking us when we pray to declare that God's way or his sovereignty is greater than our discomfort, desire, or demands.  Here are some of God's names that can be prayed that we can declare that his name is greater than what we are going through.

Yahweh-Jireh -  "I am to see ahead or to provide"

Yahweh-Shalom -  "I am peace"

Yahweh-Rapha -  "I am healer"

El Shaddai  -  God Almighty

El Roi - God of Seeing

El Gibbor - God of Power

"Do you eat?  Give thanks to God both before and afterwards.  Do you sleep?  Give thanks to God both before and afterwards.  Do you launch into the marketplace? Do the same - nothing worldly, nothing of this life.  Do all in the Name of the Lord."

                                                      John Chrysostom