Living in the age of comparison of who has the most friends or followers? Who has the latest and greatest contraption? This culture says we need to live fast-paced, grind it out, and strive for it, but when will we be content? Not that wanting good things or dreaming of big things is wrong, but is it our determination that lands us the payout or God's blessing and provision?  When we are the makers of our own lives and masters of our universe, then everything rises and falls on us.  However, if He is our Father, Savior, and King, then it is incumbent upon Him to provide. Sure, we have a responsibility to dutifully fulfill the responsibilities that He has placed in our hands to do.  Therefore, the things we crave and the positions we seek may be outside the provision and blessing of God, thereby creating an angst of want in our lives. Will we be thankful for what He has given us today?  Will we do the things that have been set before us today as we are doing them for the Lord? Will today, we rest and trust that He has provided all our needs and be content in all things?

"Who can be poor if he does not want, if he does not crave for the possessions of others, if he is rich toward God? He rather is poor, who, although he has much, desires more."

                                                            Minucius Felix