I have been caught without cash and a credit card service has been down while purchasing something. My first response is one of embarrassment then followed by resentment because it almost always happens when I am with one or both of my daughters. I will have to begrudgingly ask if they have cash to supply the means to purchase our items. It never fails, regardless from whom I have borrowed the money, the giver will respond with "Now you owe me," as if I have not provided a roof over their head and food in their belly. They speak to me as if to remind me that they are going to throw me into debtors' prison as soon as possible if I don't return what had been indebted. It makes me mad. It makes me offended. It makes me bitter. How dare they speak to me like that? 

Sin is nothing more than missing the mark. We are short the required payment and God gives graciously when we ask. He's certainly not giving the grace reluctantly. He's not judgmentally peering over the rim of His glasses reminding us that it's been twice this week that we are asking for more grace. No, He is faithful to forgive all wrongdoings. However, He expects us not to chide and hold the record of wrongs of others who owe us. So that grace abounds, bitterness has no root, and love flows. Who do you need to forgive today? What do you need grace for today?

"You can never deserve pardon; it must be an act of pure grace. Nothing but the long-suffering of God at this moment keeps you out of hell."       Charles Spurgeon