When my oldest daughter was 7 or 8, we were driving through a storm.  Although it wasn't anything new to me, it was quite terrifying for her.  In her little mind, it was questionable whether we could make it home through the intense lightning and heavy rain hitting the windshield.  It was after one of the thunderous booms that she reached over and grabbed my hand, asking me if we would survive the storm.  I simply squeezed her hand a little tighter and assured her that "Dad has it and we'll get home safely."  

Likewise, Jesus conveys this sentiment in the final stanza of the Lord's Prayer.  The prayer doesn't ask God to keep us from ever experiencing evil or the world's negativity.  Instead, the prayer is for when the world comes at us fast, trying to tear us down, that the Lord will grab our hand and remind us that he will take us through it.

"After a long night of desertion and temptation, the star, which I had seen at a distance before, began to appear again: the daystar arose in my heart."  George Whitefield